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The Problem With Mind Readers

This is an essay that I wrote for a competition in College. The competition was for the ‘best explanation of a principle of scientific interest to the general public’. I twisted the definition somewhat and wrote a very light – and rather flawed – introduction to Turing’s Entschiedungsproblem work in the context of explaining what a computer scientist really spends her days thinking about. These are both subjects that are close to my heart: on one hand the tragic life of the brilliant Turing as arguable father of computer science, and on the other the correction of now pervasive assumptions about what computer science is and can be. I don’t think I did either justice, but, happily, the judges seemed to like what I had to say and awarded me first prize.

Despite the prize being a substantial cash sum, it wouldn’t surprise me if there had been only a few entries – but you can only beat what’s in front of you 🙂

  1. Hello,
    I’ve stumbled upon your blog today — thanks for all the writing you do!
    If you could, please update the reference to your essay — the link is broken.

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