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Apache ZooKeeper is looking for Google Summer of Code applicants

Students! Over at Apache ZooKeeper we’re looking for great students with a strong interest in distributed systems to work with us over the summer as part of Google’s Summer of Code, 2010. Summer of Code is a great program – providing stipends to students and more importantly connecting them with mentors in open source projects. […]

SOSP 2009 Program Available

The accepted papers for SOSP 2009 are here. As ever, some excellent looking papers. If you search for the titles you can often turn up drafts or even the submitted versions. The best looking sessions to me are ‘scalability’ and ‘clusters’, but there’s at least one great looking title in every session. I’ll start posting […]

VirtualBox is fantastic

For the longest time, I’ve been struggling with Xen on my Fedora desktop. Essentially, the problems are twofold: one, there’s no good solution to a broken NVidia kernel module for a Xen kernel, and I like my graphical bling, and two, Fedora doesn’t really seem to play nicely with Xen without a lot of configuration, […]